Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

U are 5 weeks now and mommy start to feel sick in my stomach every morning especially when I'm hungry. *yeah, screw me for being fat*

Yesterday, mommy couldn't wake up. Everytime mommy want to stand up then mommy's going to throw up. Mommy feel dizzy and daddy asked me to lay down on the bed the whole day.

Yesterday, mommy told daddy that mommy wanna eat pizza and surprisingly daddy said, daddy pun sebenarnye teringin nak makan pizza.  So yesterday at 6.30 pm mommy and daddy went to pizza hut at Port Klang to breaking fast.

Mommy and daddy ordered pizza, olio pasta which is mommy's favorite, tempura platter, etc2. It's quiet too much for two people but mommy can't help. Mommy wanna eat those food. BUT by the time azan bang, I can't even finished my pasta and kesian daddy has to finished all the food but daddy said it's okay.

Dear baby,

I want you to know that you'll gonna have the greatest daddy in the world. Daddy is being so patient with mommy the whole pregnancy. Everytime mommy feel sick, daddy will said "ayang rehat ye" Daddy won't let mommy do anything. He won't let me do house work, walk too much and talk bad things about peoples. Daddy always remind me to bersabar and take all this pregnancy thingy as a test from Allah.

Daddy also being patient everytime mommy's smell sense being extra sensitive. Yesterday, mommy accused daddy for not fasting because mommy smell smoke at daddy's hand. But daddy said, it was smoke from sahur and daddy swear to God that daddy is fasting. Sometimes mommy smell something fishy or stinky but daddy said, no he doesn't smell anything. And FYI, mommy can't smell daddy's perfume or deodorant. Everytime daddy used his cologne, mommy's gonna throw up and asked daddy to go far away from mommy. Kesian daddy kan?

Last night, mommy was crying in the middle of the night because daddy tak sengaja tersiku mommy's booby. It is so hurt and daddy hug me and said sorry non stop until mommy fall asleep. Right now daddy start to kiss baby in mummy's tummy and it feel so great. I want you to know that daddy loves baby so much as much as daddy loves mommy.

Okay, I have to leave now as mommy have some works to do. Take care, be good okay... Mommy and daddy love you so much.

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kaSih.CinTa.GadiS said...

Hihi.. Sweet!!

MaWa Denasor said...

Sweet. Rasa panas plak mata baca ni. Eish...sensitif lak

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