Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear baby, today is mommy's birthday

Happy birthday to me! Tahun I am so so grateful di atas kurniaan rezeki yang tidak terhingga dari Allah swt.  Dikurniakan anak-anak yang semakin membesar, dikurniakan rezeki yang melimpah ruah yang tak tahu dari mana datangnya and daddy dapat new job which is way much better than his old job. Walaupun dah dua hari tak larat puasa because of morning sickness and mommy doesn't feel healty sebab asyik demam. 

I woke up this morning with hundred birthday wishes. Last night mommy tidur je sampaikan daddy call pun mommy rasa nak termuntah so daddy cakap tidur je, get some rest ok. I even can't remember that today is my birthday sebab mommy sibuk menahan loya, menahan demam and all that. All I ever think is, nak balik rumah, nak rehat, nak tidur. I am so exhausted walaupun tak buat kerja berat. 

But today I'm trying to fasting sebab kawan mommy - Aunt Diana nak belanja mommy and daddy berbuka puasa along with Aunt Ziela and Aunt Didie. But Aunt Didie pagi tadi admitted to the hospital sebab baby dia tak bergerak dalam perut. But luckily when she arrived at the hospital, the baby was fine. Dia main nyorok-nyorok dengan bunda dia. So there's only four of us and Aunt Diana said dia nak lawat Aunt Didie after iftar. Tapi mommy tak janji sebab mommy pun sekarang cepat letih. Selalunya after Isya mommy dah collapse. We'll see okay?

Again, please take care be a good child. Hari-hari mommy doa that you're both going to be a twin sister/brother. Walaupun the doctor said the other one look not so perfect but I'm praying that both of you will survive. Mommy & Daddy loves you! Muahhh......

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