Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Baby, Today Is Mommy's 1st Prenatal Checkup at Gov Clinic

Dear  love,

I woke up early this morning just to have our first checkup at Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak at Sri Rampai. When I reached there around 7.20 am, there's already a crowd waiting for the clinic to be open. Thank God mommy came not so late so I manage to get number 18 among all the crowd. 

I was told the checkup will took a looooooong time and yes it did! Because this is my first visit, so I have to registered for new book and wait my turn to be called. I thought there's only like 2 step but actually there's like almost ten step that I have to go through around that process.

1- Register at counter 1 and get the pink book and fill the form by myself  *sian mommy kan?*

2 - Timbang berat badan, blood preasure test and sample urine test.

3 - Meet the nurse and talk about family history such as diabetic, blood pressure, athma, etc2..

4 - Blood sample which is hurt. Now my right hand feel numb T_T

5 - Meet the dentist

6 - Meet another nurse to measure mummy's tummy and some breast check

7 - Repeat step 3, nagging, warning by the nurse which has same age as your mommy

8 - Vitamin supplement provided by the clinic

9 - Set another 3 appointment which is :

        * Glucose test on 4/11/2011 which mean tomorrow *nangis lagi*

        * Blood preasure test with the doctor - 14/11/2011. 

        * Monthly checkup on 5/12/2011 which I obviously can't attend. So kena checkup at private clinic.

This is totally a new experience to me. But I'm glad I did this sebab kalau tak sampai bila nak rasa susah macam orang lain kan. Even though the whole process took about 3 hours, but at the end this is the right thing that I should do for you. I would do anything to make sure you're stay healthy and strong. Take care okay

Mommy and Daddy always love you! Muahhhh

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MissRhana said...

pn azura ayu...congrat!congrat!congrat! :)

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