Friday, January 14, 2011

What I Love and What I Don't

What I love..........
  • I love foods especially western food
  • I love pasta & bihun.
  • I love cooking & baking
  • I love makeup and I have tons of makeup collection and it's more than enough for a second life
  • My favorite color is white, black and pink
  • I love coffee, the best coffee is extreme latte from San Francisco Coffee
  • I love handbags
  • I love perfumes
  • I loves reading fashion and beauty magazine such as Cleo and Female
  • I love watching AFC channel
  • My youtube subscription is full with food and makeups channel
  • I love shopping (foods, shoes, cloths, makeups, etc2)
  • I have sweet tooth so I love ice cream, cookies, cakes, candy... u name it!
  • I love my long hair and I've never been in short hair since i was born! *that is fact*
  • I love chronology film such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and Narnia
  • I love my Blackberry soooo much. The best phone ever!
  • I love vanilla flavor in almost anything such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, and perfume too!
  • I love strawberry
  • I love MAC lipstick, especially their nude/natural color. The best in town
  • I love driving, and my parent and my sisters is counting on me every time they're going to long distance travel
  • I'd love to registering to professional makeup classes, but don't have enough money to do that!
  •  On top of that, i also love to subscribe to professional cooking classes.
  • I love seafood but I'm allergic to squid

What I hate..........

  • Smokers *but still my future husband is a smokers, and how I adore my dad for not being that*
  • I hate waiting
  • I don't like spicy foods *bole ilang selera u*
  • I hate liars
  • I hate fakers aka talam dua muka
  • I don't like jeruk/asam ataupun makanan yang masam2 *tak baek utk otak tahu?*
  • I don't like mee kuning esp kalau masak kt kedai *kalau mak masak je I makan*
  • I don't like being asked or tell same questions/answer over and over again.
  • I hate taking orders * i was born to be a leader...cececehh....perasan pulak*
  • I hate when I don't get enough sleep *nnti rase nk badan panas, nk termuntah & mood swing*
  • I hate men with body odor 
  • I hate ironing *sbb slame ni bibik yg buat...dasar pemalas! dush!*
  • I hate green & purple
  • I hate red lipstick
  • I don't like lamb dishes dan yang sewaktu dengannya
  • I hate working in a rush
  • I hate pressure, I'm not good handling it 
  • I hate when I don't have enough money 
  • I hate going to the workshop, arghhhh!!!!!!
  • I hate when I'm gaining weight while I'm on diet lol!

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