Friday, April 27, 2012

A Mother..

I've been watching a reality show (Tia & Tamera) on tv recently. It's about a twin which one of them is pregnant (Tamera) and one of them is a newly wed (Tia). They are an identical twin but with totally different personality.

But I'm so touch on what Tamera said on that show where she is pregnant and she's having a breech pregnancy for over a month. She's been searching all over the internet on how to makes the baby move and back to normal. She's even hiring a personal trainer to have a regular exercise and hoping the baby will move and back on normal position. But after all the hard work and when she's meet the doctor and she's find out the baby is still breaching. She is so devastated because she is hoping that she will have a normal delivery instead of c-sect.

What makes me touched is when she makes a daily journal where she recorded her daily progress and she said "now I understand what a mother's feeling. A mother want the best for her baby and she willing to do anything to make sure the baby is okay. Well, I knew the baby is doing fine and I'm just being too emotional. But that's how a mother being a mother. She want the best for their children" I was so touched by what she said and I truly understand on how she felt because I'm feeling the same way too.

Remember when I was admitted to the hospital due to my CRITICAL OVERTENSION? To be honest I hate hospital, I'm rarely sick and I've never been warded for the rest of my life! I was crying my heart out when the doctor told me my condition will harm the baby and in fact I was crying because I don't want to be hospitalized. But I think I'll have to do it for the sake of my baby. I'll do whatever it's take to save my baby even I have to give my life for him. I've been doing all the procedure which is totally strange for me. Doing a painful potassium procedure, doing a painful blood test 3 times a day, taking all the medication, I'll just do everything just to make sure my baby is okay. Just like Tamera..

What I like to say is, appreciate your mother even how bad or how hard she is. For me honestly, I always thought my mother is so strict, never understand my feeling and we always have a totally different direction. But now I'm a mother I understand how she felt even tho how hard she's being on me.. During this mothers day, please do something special for your mom. No matter how bad she is, no matter how you feel about your mother, she will always be our mother. No one can replace her..

I love you mak, thanks for all the sacrifices that has you made to rising me. Happy mother's day.

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