Thursday, February 3, 2011


When we're fighting, he always being immatured and i'm getting sick of it. So does last night...I know this is wrong, but I seek comfort with someone else, a man that i known for more than 10 years...We used to be an 'item' 10 years ago but out of stupidness, he left me and we were never seen each other. But now everything's change. We both seek comfort to each other. When I'm having bad day, I'm looking for him and so do him.  Do i feel guilty? Yes... I am guilty.

Out of no reason, perasaan rindu bertambah2...  We started to BBMing more frequently, we talked a lot about ourselves and he told me how much he wanted to see me. To be honest,  I miss him - a lot. Just like he told me before - he miss me all the time. I remembered that night when we were talking on the phone and told me that he miss me and please don't asked him again because the answer is "yes, i miss u terribly" He once told me that he wished he had a girlfriend exactly like me. The best he ever had.... *i'm touched*

Hmmm.... entah la. Orang ckp bese la dugaan bile bertunang ni. Bkn 1st time gado...slame ni pun gaduh2 gak. Mase bercinta lagi teruk... Tapi boleh jer bertahan tanpa bantuan 'orang lain' Tapi kenape ntah bile dh bertunang ni rase lain pulak... Mungkin dlu rela dikongkong sebab takut kene kebas dgn orang lain. Tapi bile dah bertunang tapi kene kongkong rase rimas la... Rimas sgt2....Tibe2 pulak the other man ni concern lebih, padahal mase lom bertunang takde pun nk concern lebeh2 camni... Dugaaaaannnnnnn.........

Sungguh pun begitu, aku sedar semua kegembiraan ini hanya sementara. Cinta di hati masih lagi pada Muhad Basrol Nizam. Walaupun sakit hati, marah, bengang... Tapi hanya dia kegembiraan mutlak yang sebenar.

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